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If you have average vision and hand-eye coordination, you can learn to draw what you see. There are simple exercises and approaches that facilitate the process.



Drawing as a meditation form provides the relaxation, contemplation, connection, and settling of the mind that other meditation forms provide, with the bonus of self-quieting focus.

Artistic Skill Building


Drawing what you see is two parts being able to really see what you're looking at, and one part getting to know your tools. Each medium has its own characteristics and limits, likes and dislikes.


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Curating the world artfully

What makes a good reference
for drawing or painting?

Lots of detail!


One of the most common mistakes people make when learning the Right-Brain techniques is in choosing drawing references they think would be easy, but are in fact are quite difficult. The more detail the better, generally. The principle is simple: you can't draw what you can't see. So, if there's 'no there there' your Left-Brain is going to try to make something up. Similarly, if there is a lot of detail, but the resolution is inadequate, the same thing will happen. So part of what I do as coach is to help you really see what you're looking at, and choose a good reference to start with.

Pat Fox, Ph.D.

Pat first learned to teach Right-Brain techniques in 1987 while teaching Drawing and Illustration in the Commercial Art Program at Orlando College in Orlando, Florida. The studio results of these methods were so amazing that in 1995, Pat when back to school in search of an explanation for how it worked. Several Psychology courses later, it was obvious that western scientific inquiry, while informative, did not address the deeper, more mysterious processes at work. Taking the path less traveled, Pat then earned a doctoral degree in Integral Studies with a concentration in Transformative Learning and Change from California Institute of Integral Studies. Pat is currently the Director of eLearning Curriculum & Instruction for San Joaquin Valley College, who lives in an old farm house outside of Seattle.

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